Londisc Records - About Us
About Us
Over 45 Years in the business
Founded by Jeffrey Peart in 1974, LonDisc Records is a UK based company that is passionate about music creation and music sales.

Welcome to LonDisc Records

At LonDisc Records, we have extensive experience working with world famous artists including Donna Marie. We have expertise in making artists accessible to worldwide audience and have taken artists on tours throughout: North, Central and South America, Brazil and the Caribbean along with many over countries.

We continue to nurture great talent and believe in fostering and environment that allows artists to be themselves while still experimenting with new, different and vibrant sounds. We also love to promote music that we are really passionate about. We love the classics, but here at LonDisc, we’re always searching for and listening to the newest music and bringing it to our customers.

In addition to our artist management work, we also work with Stable Yard studios. This studio was established in 1986 and has been used by some of the world’s best performing artists.

LonDisc records is also the perfect place to find music for purchase. If you’re looking for digital downloads or hard copies, we have an extensive range. We have music from our own artists and other musicians we’re passionate about in a variety of genres. Whether you’re looking for pop, gospel, rap or anything in between, we have a huge selection.

From artist management and studio work to live events, LonDisc Records is the right place to find all of these alongside experienced and friendly staff. If you think we could help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.